Malinda Martha and Her Skipping Stones

Malinda Martha and Her Skipping Stones by Marcia Trimble, illustrated by Susi Grell Knox.

This is a book for children aged 4-8 and deals with a little girl named Malinda Martha enjoying the beach. The story takes you through her day. Her mother gives her some pretty stones and tells her they are for skipping. Then the family eats breakfast.

Malinda Martha plays on the beach after breakfast and uses the stones for decorating her sand sculptures. While she is eating lunch, the tide washes away her sand creations, but the stones are left behind. Malinda Martha then uses the stones for skipping on the water. There are some lovely illustrations in the book.

There is a downloadable PDF script of the story so that you can have a play. This is a nice feature that will help homeschool parents enhance their child's learning experience. I am impressed with the additional resources along with the books that help to round out the learning experience.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse© Magazine, LLC, March 2010

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