Spotlight on David and Carol Harper

David Harper
Musical Composition and Production
David Harper grew up in both Deerfield, Illinois and San Mateo, CA, living his early years like someone out of "That 70s Show." He was in such a hurry to begin his career as a professional musician he opted to be on the road as a working musician the evening of his own high school graduation. After more than six years as a professional musician on the road, David made a career decision to limit his territory to studios in SF Bay Area and Southern California. During that time, David's musical skills benefited high-profile acts and commercial programs from Lou Rawls to the Charles Schultz' Peanuts specials.

"It was in the late 80s that writing music became a priority for me," says David. "Having played on so many CDs for other artists, the unwritten songs in my own head were demanding to be written and heard." In a career move, he made the decision to get his college education completed and begin writing music seriously. At that time David began his career in original music for interactive educational publishers, such as Simon & Schuster and Computer Curriculum Corp.

"When I wasn't writing, I was programming. It seemed that music had become a high-tech computer affair in the 80s and 90s and everyone was desperately seeking a qualified drum and midi programmer." Juggling writing time, college time, and drum programming, his schedule was filling up fast. "Eventually, it got to the point where the music and the software was so predictable and a cookie cutter-like process, that I had to take a leave of absence, raise my family, and simplify things," says David.

"Meeting Marcia Trimble was my saving grace," comments Harper. "She restored my faith in educational publishing and allowed me the creative room to write music a little differently. And reviewing her work made me realize that children's books don't have to sacrifice educational content for entertainment. These are quality books where children may actually have to open a dictionary or encyclopedia from time to time. And as a father of four kids that are all in the California school system, I can appreciate that approach!"

David currently resides in the Gold Country of California where he enjoys four full seasons each year with his beautiful wife, Carol, and his family.

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Carol Harper
Musical Composition and Production
"Music has been, and always will be, one of the most important elements that defines the kind of person I am," says Carol Harper, whose prodigious musicality was apparent from the age of three. Submerged in classical piano from the age of four, she went on to train and compete in piano competitions and music festivals throughout her school-age years' studying Concert Performance at Central Wyoming College, post high school majoring in Music Performance/Theory and Composition at Brigham Young University.

Within the past 15 years, two children later, and a move to California, Carol had continued her musical endeavors by directing choirs, children's choirs, and teaching private voice lessons. She also sang background vocals for various recording sessions and projects at studios around the SF Bay Area. "I've really enjoyed being a background vocalist," Carol says, "mainly because I've gained very valuable experience in different studio settings, and have worked with some very talented people. But I've also gained a great understanding and appreciation of the many processes and evolutions a recording project can go through. And Marcia's projects have allowed for an incredible amount of creativity to flow, from colorfully illustrated books to the invention of such fun, imaginative music composed and recorded by David, that it was naturally a pleasure to be a part of it all."

Carol lives in Pioneer, CA with her husband, David Harper, and her two teenagers, Kevin and Rachelle.

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