Moonbeams for Santa Song

I'll tell you a story, but first I must tell you my name.
(I'm Gibbous Moonface.)
A humpy bumpy moon once was I,
(just sitting in the sky.)
Oh, and I was stuck with the shadow I wear.
Wanting more glow, wanting more flair!
Full Moon was in style, year after year.
(He grinned from ear to ear.)
Nobody ever OOOH'd and AHHH'd at me.
Silly you, you thought Full Moon put on a cape
over his round face to change his shape...
when it was me...Gibbous, taking a turn, you see.
More than half a moon, but always less than full...
Oo-oo-oo, waxing and waning, always complaining...
My tears are all gone now. I'm happily rolling along.
A shower of moonbows brightens my song.
I've found my glow hidden here inside
warming my toes on my monthly ride.
I'm the brightest moon waxing 'n waning my tune!
I feel like a kid tagging along with earth.
Oh, and at last I know just what my shine is worth.
I'm a happy Gibbous Moonface...and guess what I know?
It takes kidshine and moonshine together
to make this world go!
But with moonbeams inside me, who cares if you stare?
Next time you'll notice the shadow I wear.
Give me a wink, I'm a Gibbous, the Gibbous you know.
That's me.

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